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More help is available on our support portal. Here’s some basic things you may need help with when it comes to downloads. 

Installing Ear Works

Ear Works 4 is a client-server application so it has two components:

1. the Server stores the manages the data for the entire company and needs to be installed on one machine only. In a multi-office architecture, all the information for all the offices will be stored in the same database managed by the Server.

2. the Client is the interface between the Data and the User and needs to be installed on each computer in your clinic. It is the application that the user interacts with, providing and requesting information in various formats. In layman's terms, the Client is the only thing you see and use while the Server is the back-end data manager.


For demo purposes you can choose to install on one computer only (both the server and the client component) or on all your computers if you want a multi-user demo.

Here are the instructions on how to install the two components:



1. Download the server kit from one of the two locations below:

- for a 64 bit operating system use this file

- for a 32 bit operating system use this file

2. Run the installer as administrator. Right-click the downloaded file and choose "Run as Administrator".

3. Enable firewall exceptions as per this article.


Please install the client on the server machine as well as on all the other workstations.

In order to install the clients, for each machine you need to:
1. download the installer application 

2. run the installer as administration (right click>run as administrator)

3. open Ear Works and link it to your server computer’s IP address

4. close Ear Works

5. download and install the latest update

5. reopen Ear Works and allow it to relink automatically

MS FlexGrid

Sometimes a preinstalled version of the Microsoft Flex Grid is preventing the Ear Works scheduler form running properly.
If your scheduler does not open, flickers or crashes, you need to replace the object library with the most recent one and register it in the system. Here’s how:

1. download the archive
2. extract the msflxgrd.ocx file from the archive  
3. open C:\Windows\System32 folder in your Windows Explorer
4. open a command prompt (in Windows Vista and Windows 7 you'll need to run it as administrator)
5. in the command prompt navigate to C:\Windows\System32
6. type in regsvr32.exe /u msflxgrd.ocx. If running Windows 64 bit you should use 
regsvr32.exe /u c:\windows\syswow64\msflxgrd.ocx
7. press the Enter key. you'll be notified that the unregistering of the msflxgrd.ocx file was successful.
8. go back to Windows Explorer and copy the new msflxgrd.ocx file in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\WIndows\SYSwow64
9. return to command prompt and type in regsvr32.exe msflxgrd.ocx or if you're running windows on 64 bit use regsvr32.exe c:\windows\syswow64\msflxgrd.ocx
10. you should get a confirmation that the file has be successfully registered.
11. start Ear Works and open the scheduler again. It should be without errors

Restoring a Backup

EW has a function to create database backups. These backups are created on the EW server and can be restored at a future time.

To restore an EW backup please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure nobody is working in EW anywhere in your clinic
  2. copy your new backup file to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.50.EARWORKS\MSSQL\Backup
  3. download the backup tool
  4. expand the archive in a folder, we recommend it to be called C:\ewbackups
  5. run the EW4BackupTool.exe
  6. click Connect
  7. browse to the backup file
  8. enter the ewsa password in the password field (this is the password of the 'ewsa' user in EW). If you have no password for ewsa then leave this field blank.
  9. click Restore


When you try to connect QB to EW using the built-in Wizard, you will need to run it locally - QuickBooks needs to be installed on the same computer you’re doing the EW export on. You will likely need to run this application and choose QB 2010 from the drop down menu even if you’re using a later version of QuickBooks. 

Some errors may pop up but they can be ignored, the sync will still work. 

Install this file you’ll need to run as administrator on your computer that you are running QB and EW on for the export.

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