Software Overview

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Ear Works Software is about doing things right the first time, sharing information, being efficient and having fun doing so. It is about saving time and money and using your resources for bigger and better things. It is the engine that runs your clinic. Here’s why.


Improve your bottom line and enjoy more productivity by simply changing your operating system resulting in:

Faster Access to Information: real time comprehensive reporting, respond quickly to new launches, create marketing campaigns effortlessly, better communication,finding info is easier, built-in guides solve common issues

Increased Sales: target focused scheduling, complete sales cycle, integrated financials, cohesive marketing tools, less time in admin results in more time in promotions, testing and patient care activity = sales.

Enhanced Efficiencies: paper free capability, minimize overhead, reduced administration, less paperwork, fewer forms to fill out, third party form automation

System-Wide Integration: integrated standards of practice, automated integration of all key processes, propagate your success formula to all clinics, system guided training and protocols, monitor the system as it ensures your staff follows your policies, integrate success formula and make EW work like you do

Your Personal Guide

Ear Works Guide - Your personal navigation system! You‘ve got people to see and things to do and getting there fast and easy is essential. In Ear Works 4 the Ear Works Guide gives you a birds-eye view of your system. Your personal Guide will give you 3 ways to navigate through the software to get where you need to go and do what you need to do quickly and easily. They are like three maps to help you find the next step: context, areas and workflows. Context is the map that shows you what needs to be done - appointments, tasks, and other things that need to happen now. Areas is the map that shows you what you can do in Ear Works - some of the most common actions divided intuitively into five areas: admin, clinical, management, system and common. Workflows is the map that shows you what needs to happen next to complete day to day activities - your coach for follow through!

The Buck Stops Here

Automatic Financials - ka-ching! Ever get bogged down by third party billing and keeping track of the required tasks, forms, codes, and procedures? Ear Works 4 goes beyond simply printing out an invoice on a third party form - it runs the back office. The Ear Works 4 billing engine not only creates third party invoices automatically, it also simplifies, streamlines and clears up your financials using system integration technology. The billing engine keeps track of missing credit memos, unpaid third party invoices and rebilings, third party and supplier payments, forecasts, deposits, floats, and much more all the while generating alerts when things need attention. Now anyone can do your billings! It‘s that easy.

Day Planner

Day planner - live in the moment! You are a busy professional - no matter what the role! You have to do a routine, fulfill your job description and plug along.  Ear Works 4 introduces your day in a nutshell in Day Planner - it tells you what you need to do today based on your appointment schedule, job description and role in the clinic - uniquely for everyone! And you can reorganize it and structure it to work for you - individually just the way you like it! For you keeners you can even plan tomorrow, today! And for you slackers, if you‘re not in the office, someone else can open your day and do your things, without skipping a beat! Now that makes today special!

Screen Real Estate

 Ear Works Zones - real estate for your screen. What if your entire clinic would have to function in one room? Imagine having no rooms for all the things you do all day long! Introducing ZONES in Ear Works 4 - four rooms for your information on screen! Use them like four personal desksFor example, when you are in the middle of working on a file and another patient calls, first you move to a new zone and open all that patient‘s information there, keeping things simple. When you‘re done, you clean the zone or leave the windows there to finish it later. You get back to what you were doing in the previous zone, and it‘s all like you‘ve never been interrupted. Its like having 4 computers on your desk at the same time! In Ear Works 4 you can enjoy the space.

Stack it for Later

Ear Works Stacks - Group and conquer! Remember stacking stuff on your desk in the inbox, outbox, and other piles? That‘s how we seem to think - in groups. Ear Works introduces Stacks - items that are related in some way and can be grouped and worked on as a group whenever you‘re ready. Ear Works Stacks don‘t need to have only one type of document, they can have files, invoices, bills, letters etc. in any combination you need. The purpose of a stack is defined by you and you can create as many stacks as you need. Do you have some patient files you still need to add some progress notes to? Add them to a stack one by one and deal with them all when you have an extra moment. Are you reviewing the outstanding balances and want to call some of them to remind them about the payment? Just add the invoices to another stack and deal with them as a group. Staying on top of things has never been easier.

Track it all, Effortlessly

Ear Works Management - the power to succeed. Your clinic is an organism that endures business cycles and has business needs. These need to be well managed to keep things healthy. Ear Works is your preventive engine keeping things in good shape, as well as first aid kit when things go wrong. There are multiple management tools in Ear Works 4 all having at the core the Ear Works Alerts: a complete self-auditing tool that works with other reporting features to keep things in order and avoid things from falling through the cracks. It even signals potential procedural and administrative dysfunctions. Ear Works Management - smooth sailing ahead!

Go Paper Free

Paper Free - more efficiency & less environmental footprint - its like having your cake and eating it too! Ever wish you could have less clutter, less paper, less filing and less searching? With Ear Works 4, less is more! Although the industry does require some paperwork, you can scan the documents and be clear of the shuffle, having the forms accessible at your fingertips painlessly! Imagine scanning in a supplier bill and linking it to the data in Ear Works 4 - you then find out you were overbilled and need to get the administrator to request a credit memo! You simply set a task, link the scanned bill to it and the image file is right there whether the administrator works from home or the office - no more clutter and downtime - even remotely! So go ahead, go green! You‘ll never go back!


The Clinical Appointments are the most important facet of your clinic and an efficient scheduling process is key to a successful clinic. The powerful and flexible scheduling module is a core component in Ear Works 4 and keeps all clinic organized with ease. Here are some of the key features:

  1. Daily/weekly view (with optional short week)
  2. 12 months at-a-glance calendar
  3. Custom color coding
  4. Notes and flags (New Patient, Warnings, Finished) on the scheduler
  5. Up to 10 clinicians on one page
  6. Resource allocation
  7. Checklists for consistent procedures
  8. Template and Holds for scheduling rules
  9. Replication of blocks, holds and open hours
  10. Daily Notes
  11. Waiting List
  12. Conflict Management

Patient Info Management

Your patients are the main focus of your practice. A good organization of information is key for a successful clinic from the patient care, administration and marketing point of view. With a flexible interface and a solid data structure, the patient management in Ear Works 4 is created to help you find the key information fast and act quickly and effectively. And since in Ear Works 4 all the information is integrated, you only need to enter the data once and it will show up in all the significant areas.


Using Data Mining algorithms to find the best target for your mailers and recalls, Ear Works 4 is a powerful tool to help you increase your business and expand your client base. You can also see how efficient your promotion was and learn what works and what not. To increase your marketing power even more, the Clubs help you organize bulk shipments while the Event Manager comes to help when you want to do an open house or promotional event.


Since everything in Ear Works 4 is integrated and in one place, the management effort can be very precisely focused on the key components of the complex internal system of the clinic. The Ear Works Alerts is the core management tool, helping you to stay in control and catch the potential issues before they become problems. 


The financial module is an extensive tool built to cover all the money-related aspects of your clinic: 

  1. Private Invoices and Quotes
  2. Third Party Invoices and Authorization Requests
  3. Patient and Third Party Payments and Refunds
  4. Bills and Credit Memos
  5. Supplier Statement Reconciliation and Supplier Payments
  6. Deposits and Cash Counts
  7. Automatic Third Party Billing based on predefined rules
  8. Profit tracking per service
  9. QuickBooks Integration


Create and print Manufacturer Orders with ease and without paper forms, pens and stamps. You can order new Hearing Aids, Molds, Accessories, ELDs and also request repairs and send back RFCs with just a few clicks. The orders are then tracked and reported seamlessly and without any double entry.

Patient Care

From Audiograms to the HHIE, COSI and APHAB, and even an integrated QuickSIN test, not to mention customizable Case Histories, Doctor Reports, and Instrument Selection with feature comparisons, you can take the patient all the way from entry to a satisfied hearing aid user. Ear Works 4 is a reliable partner for the clinician that offers the best hearing health care for his or her patients.

Ear Works Guide

The Ear Works Guide is a new feature that helps you find your way in Ear Works with ease.  Just hit F1 and the guiding map will show up to help you find your next steps.

Item and File Linking

All the fundamental items and documents in Ear Works 4 can be linked to each other. So if your task refers to an Audiogram for example, just link the two items and voila: when your colleague receives the tasks, the Audiogram is just one click away. No more shuffling and searching. And the link works both way, you can see the linked task directly from the Audiogram. The items that can be linked are: 

  1. Progress Notes
  2. Tasks
  3. Attachments
  4. Audiograms
  5. Invoices
  6. Third Party Invoices
  7. Bills
  8. Letters
  9. Reports


There's no better way to organize your work and delegate requests to your team mates than a solid tasking module. Ear Works 4 excels here as well, packing an unbeatable set of features:

  1. Task Urgency
  2. Multiple Receivers
  3. Recurrence
  4. Task Types
  5. Flags
  6. Priorities
  7. Location
  8. Attachments
  9. Patient and non-patient tasks and more.

What's the big deal? Tasks in EW4 are like messages in that they keep track of forwards and replies and the thread can be viewed and printed. Let the conversation begin! Want more? How about linking scanned attachments, audiograms, quotes, and other EW content to tasks for easy access? Now that's convenience!


Do you ever feel like you're using a software but aren't sure where you are in the big scheme or how one feature relates to another? Well, we know many people do so we put in a new updated guide that not only shows you maps and tools and references but also links to all of our support and help resources right within Ear Works software. No more browsing, bookmarks, or manuals!  


Group multiple files, invoices, notes and so on in a Stack and work on them as a group! Similar to the file stacks we use to have on our desks, the Ear Works Stacks are a helpful tool to organize your work based on similar actions and procedures.


The best service you can offer to your patients is undivided attention and a pleasant and knowledgeable experience. The checklists in Ear Works 4 help the clinician follow a standard set of actions for each appointment. They simplify the appointment flow and give the patient a consistent experience in the clinic. And getting a new clinician on staff becomes easy and stress-free.

Multiple Documents

Work on as many things - tasks, orders, documents, whatever - as you want at the same time! Open anything without closing something else first. In Ear Works 4 you can open multiple documents - of the same type or not - side by side: multiple Invoices, Tasks and Notes can be now open in the same time. Minimize them in the tray bar to manage your screen space.

Integrated Interface

The new interface is created to make the best out of your screen. 
The application space has 5 areas: 

  1. Menu and Toolbar - Top
  2. Action Bar - Right
  3. Main Area - Middle Tabbed 
  4. Free Floating Area - Floating Documents
  5. Tray Bar for Minimized Documents - Bottom

Multiple Documents

Open multiple documents - of the same type or not - side by side: multiple Invoices, Tasks, Notes and so on can be now open in the same time. Minimize them in the tray bar to manage your screen space.

Customizable File

The patient file window has a flexible multi-page structure you can define to suit your needs. Moreover, each page has a customizable layout to give you the most relaxed and flexible work experience ever. You can move the information panels around and resize them to fit your work style. Ear Works even automatically saves your layout for the next time you log in!

Multiple Zones

Multiply your workspace! Similar to having multiple monitors on your desk, the Ear Works Zones are four separate environments to help you stay clutter free. For example, when you are in the middle of working on a file and another patient calls, first you move to a new zone and open all that patient‘s information there, keeping things simple. When you‘re done, you clean the zone or leave the windows there to finish it later. You get back to what you were doing in the previous zone, and it‘s all like you‘ve never been interrupted.

Customizable Interface

Customize the look of Ear Works 4 in virtually unlimited combinations. Software should be fun, reflect your mood, express your individuality! You can do this by creating refreshing new looks, colors and screen appearances and then share them with other users in the Ear Works community - or just at the office! Unleash your inner artist in customizing the one thing you work with all day long! Do you enjoy the natural and fresh Green? Get the friendly look you want and feel that breath of fresh air! Do you like combining Turquoise and Vanilla fading smoothly to Mocca? Have that with just a few clicks. Do you prefer your favorite picture on the background of each window? Just select it and enjoy it moment by moment. But you don't need to just put lipstick on the pig - you can change the pig altogether - into whatever you like!  Move things around the screen, reorganize every view and then save it - just like you need it. Every user can have the look they want. With Ear Works 4 you can have even more fun creating something worth looking at!

Multiple Files

Not only can you have multiple documents open but you can have mutliple patient files open simultaneously and toggle back and forth without closing one before opening another. Open and work on multiple files at the same time. Just load them one by one or as a group from a stack and do all the repetitive tasks faster and easier.

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