Customizable Interface

Customize the look of Ear Works 4 in virtually unlimited combinations. Software should be fun, reflect your mood, express your individuality! You can do this by creating refreshing new looks, colors and screen appearances and then share them with other users in the Ear Works community - or just at the office! Unleash your inner artist in customizing the one thing you work with all day long! Do you enjoy the natural and fresh Green? Get the friendly look you want and feel that breath of fresh air! Do you like combining Turquoise and Vanilla fading smoothly to Mocca? Have that with just a few clicks. Do you prefer your favorite picture on the background of each window? Just select it and enjoy it moment by moment. But you don't need to just put lipstick on the pig - you can change the pig altogether - into whatever you like!  Move things around the screen, reorganize every view and then save it - just like you need it. Every user can have the look they want. With Ear Works 4 you can have even more fun creating something worth looking at!

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