Stack it for Later

Ear Works Stacks - Group and conquer! Remember stacking stuff on your desk in the inbox, outbox, and other piles? That‘s how we seem to think - in groups. Ear Works introduces Stacks - items that are related in some way and can be grouped and worked on as a group whenever you‘re ready. Ear Works Stacks don‘t need to have only one type of document, they can have files, invoices, bills, letters etc. in any combination you need. The purpose of a stack is defined by you and you can create as many stacks as you need. Do you have some patient files you still need to add some progress notes to? Add them to a stack one by one and deal with them all when you have an extra moment. Are you reviewing the outstanding balances and want to call some of them to remind them about the payment? Just add the invoices to another stack and deal with them as a group. Staying on top of things has never been easier.

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