Your Personal Guide

Ear Works Guide - Your personal navigation system! You‘ve got people to see and things to do and getting there fast and easy is essential. In Ear Works 4 the Ear Works Guide gives you a birds-eye view of your system. Your personal Guide will give you 3 ways to navigate through the software to get where you need to go and do what you need to do quickly and easily. They are like three maps to help you find the next step: context, areas and workflows. Context is the map that shows you what needs to be done - appointments, tasks, and other things that need to happen now. Areas is the map that shows you what you can do in Ear Works - some of the most common actions divided intuitively into five areas: admin, clinical, management, system and common. Workflows is the map that shows you what needs to happen next to complete day to day activities - your coach for follow through!

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