EW4 Videos


Introduction to Ear Works Software

Brief overview of EW4

Introductory EW4 Video for EW3 users: VIDEO | TRANSCRIPT

Self-Training Videos

General interface summary (0:49 min, no sound)

General interface in detail (11:49 min with sound)

Patient file summary (1:50, no sound)

Patient file customization (5:12 min with sound)

Multiple Files (0:13 min, no sound)

Multiple Documents (36 sec, no sound)

Scheduler (3:55 min with sound)

Checklists (9:26 min with sound)

Zones (0:26 min, no sound)

Step-by-step instructions

How to create a Task (no sound)

How to set up the Schedule (no sound)

How to change the Hearing Aids Definitions (no sound)

How to do a Birthday Mailer (no sound)

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