...add an ear mold provider


First go to the “ear molds list and manufacturer prices” menu item in the data lists menu

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 07 AM

Then click in the field beside “make” and the button will appear to the right, click that to add a new provider.

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 09 AM

Then click on the bottom of the list and add a new supplier, in this case “starkey”, choose the matching manufacturer in the pull down in the next field over and select the EM checkbox to ensure that the system knows they provide ear molds (HA is hearing aids, ELD is enchanced listening device).

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 10 AM

Then click the upper right X to close out of that and select your new provider in the list and it should provide a blank page; choose the view as list on the upper right. 

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 12 AM

Then we have to set up the matierlas they use, the styles they have and the options they offer. To do that, just click on styles, the dialog opens to add different styles (canal, shell, etc.) Close and open the materials button to add materials (hard, soft, etc.). Make sure to determine the kind of ear mold you’re adding this info for (noise defender, BTE ear mold, etc.). 

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 15 AM
Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 16 AM

 Now you can go back to the original window and refresh. Sometimes to get all the info updated in that view, toggle to view as crosstab and back to view as list and refresh again. Then you can create a new line for each combination of materials and styles. 

Screenshot 2015-09-22  9 17 AM

Once that’s done, and if you want to use the mold options, then once you’re done creating every combination of molds and materials, you will select that mold stlyle in the options window and move any available options from the list on the left to the right. This is not a required step as mold options can be typed into the mold order form in the notes section. 

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