...set up for going live

Choose a day for the switch-over. From that day on you’ll have to be committed to use Ear Works even when it seems easier to stay with the ways you know.

Go through the activation wizard and finish all the settings there (all the settings under the Administration menu)

Go through the Data Lists wizard (the Data Lists menu) and set up all the lists.

Run the latest Manufacturer List updates from our website

For linking with Quickbooks, make sure you follow the instructions in the two videos from our web site.

Enter the current schedule for all the days starting with the day of the full switch.

Enter the basic client information for all the patients you’ll be seeing in the first few days. After the switch you’ll also need to make sure that every day you enter the info for the patients you’ll see the next day.

Get your entire staff trained and prepared close to the switch day, but not too early so they don’t forget everything before then.

If you have used another system prior to Ear Works then get your data imported in Ear Works right before the switch over. We can help with the transfer.

After the switch day use only Ear Works (and avoid paper files) for at least the following aspects:

Creating orders (including repairs and RFCs)

Sending and receiving orders

Creating patient and third party invoices

Recording manufacturer bills

Sending third party invoices

Scheduling including: confirming app, marking patient as in, starting an appointment, ending an appointment

Recording in-house services

Creating progress notes

Delegating tasks

Recording audiograms (this can be done in parallel with noah)

If you start from this basic level, the other aspects will be built on a strong foundation.

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