When properly set up, Ear Works creates automatically backup files on your server, but it's always a good idea to put these files on an offsite location, just in case. For example if the server is stolen or completely destroyed in a fire, there's no way you can get back that info. 

There are a few ways of moving a backup file off-site: 

1. save to FTP: if you have an FTP server then you can use an automatic FTP uploader that can upload the backup created automatically by the Ear Works Server. There are a few free ones available and also some paid ones. You can also do this upload manually each day, as part of your office closing or opening routine 

2. USB stick: you copy the backup file on a usb stick as part of your office closing or opening routine. This can be the task of one of your employees or your office manager. 

3. regular back-up on an external drive. It's always a good idea to back up your server regularly, and you can include the Ear Works backup files on it. Use an external hard drive to do that and do it let's say every week, then take the hard-drive home with you. This way, in case the disaster strikes, you won't loose so much info, depending how often you back up. There are backup managers available that can simplify this task a lot. 

Quick suggestion here: use a 2.5 inch drive instead of a 3.5, they are up to 10 times lighter... 

FYI, we're planning to release in a few months a service that will create and upload your Ear Works backups to a secure ftp location. All you need to do then is install a tiny software.

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